I am a complicated woman who finds in poetry and the writing of thoughts a much-needed release of emotions. I love to capture beauty through the lens of my Camera. I’m also a curious child of the world who absorbs every bit of essence she finds in people, experiences and beautiful souls.

At first I was going to write this in Spanish because it is my comfort zone and it just flows right out of me. This is easy for me. But I’ve realize that easy should not be an option and challenges are what makes us better. Plus, someone recommended I do it in English and always sprinkle my Spanish work.

For a long time I’ve kept my words and thoughts locked in journals afraid to share what this crazy woman had to say. I’m still a bit afraid but I will get over it. This is part of my liberation and continued journey to womanhood. I’ve learned how to embrace me and how to love my essence… my soul.

Here you will learn a little more about Frida through her writings, poetry and photography. These three are all passions of mine. Some not all.

I can only hope you will read between the lines and find the true meaning for you.

My poetry is one of my favorite releases. It’s what I do when my world seems to too big or too small. I use to write about broken hearts, suffering and pain. Now I love to write about every day challenges, life struggles and simple beauty we sometimes fail to appreciate.

My writing is about anything and everything. I find comfort behind a piece of paper and pen. A way to process difficulties, happiness, struggles, smiles and all those other emotions we struggle to express. I write about women who have touched my life and those who I have yet met. I write about imperfections and the beauty behind them. I write about powerful women who have lived, suffered and survived like no other.

My photography is simply an appreciation of my surroundings. It is a way to capture unforgettable moments, faces, and the beautiful nature that surround us. I am a photographer by passion not by training.  Some say I have a good eye. I say I have a good camera!

If the spirit moves you look around and let me know what you think!


4 thoughts on “Bienvenidos!

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  1. When people put feelings on paper, they get poems; when they capture a moment with a still camera they get a photograph, and when you put a beautiful soul into a blog, you get Frida’s Cafe. I love it, congratulations on your new blog!

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