December getaways!

December has become my vacation month! Last year I took time off around the same time to go to the beautiful state of California. I got a chance to see and hang out with 2 of my favorite people and also take a drive on hwy 1 off the pacific. It was wonderful! This photo is a reminder of that amazing drive!

This year I decided to I wanted to feel what a real winter feels like and decided to come up north.  If you live in Texas, you know what I mean! We don’t really have winters!

I flew into Richmond Virginia to see my Aunt Lita and her kids which all have grown so much!

It was great to see all of them but it was also a reality check about several different things.  One is about how my view on marriage and gender roles has changed. I’m talking about the traditional role of wife with her husband and kids. I see things differently, not the “tradional” kind of way. I see how in our culture we train women to see men as such a powerful being and we are suppresed to the belief that is just the way its supposed to be. I refused to believe this. I believe in having a choice and the power to decide what we want and don’t want. I believe a well balanced relationship can exist. I cook tonight but you cook tomorrow. I do the laundry this week and you do it next week. I want to believe that this is possible and that my children will grow to believe the same way. This may be hopeful thinking but I’m determined to  make this happen. Yes, I’m on vacation and this came to mind!

I’m now in DC where I got a chance to see and catch up with my wonderful Padrino Doug Mitchel. Doug was my mentor in a student radio project back in 2002. The best advice he could’ve given me, “keep in touch with people you know because you never know how this person may be able to help you.” I’m so glad I listened to him! He is still a wonderful mentorn for me and so many others. He’s brought be back to several student projects as a mentor, my way to give back some of what i’ve learned. Mentors are great guides and supporters. Mentors are also great about giving you reality checks and wake up calls. Get a mentor who knows, understands and supports you. It will make a great difference at any stage in your life.

In DC I’ve read, eaten great food, walked in the cold, rode the Metro, visited a couple of museums and sat at a coffeeshop for hours!

I’m greatful to my brother’s aunt Luz for hosting me while in DC… she has been great!

My next and last stop is New York City!


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