Old photos, a little history and my special people!

My life hasn’t been all that interesting but it hasn’t been boring either. A couple of weeks ago I found some of my old but very dear photos. All those photos are important reminders of great moments and amazing people that have made a difference in my life. Here are some of those photos…

High School Mentors

Ms. Villanueva passed January 11th- she was an Amazing teacher and a wonderful mentor in high school. She pushed me so hard I would get upset but if it wasn’t for that encouragement I’m not sure how my high school years would have turned. She was the most giving teacher with her students. She definitely made you work for it and never did anything expecting anything in return. She believed in me when I most needed it. She was the encouragement I always longed for and contributed to the woman I’ve become. Thank you ms. V for making a difference in my life and for saying “you have to reach beyond the sky because there’s a universe and beyond.”

The first time Mr. Garza met me I was on top of a chair at Spaghetti warehouse. He took the HS soccer team out to dinner for winning district. Ever since he has become the father I never had and I’m so thankful to have him in my life. He is a loving, kind and a true gentleman. This picture was taken righ before my High School Graduation in ’99!



College Graduation- Dec. 2003

College was my door to independence and freedom. This was my way of rebelling against the norm. I purposely didn’t apply to any local universities and ended at Texas State University in beautiful San Marcos. Far but close enough from home. I knew I had to leave home. I’m so thankful I did. I love my family to death but at times it’s your own family that can hold you down, if not your family, your family’s problems will. I wanted to be away and experience a new World away from home.

I was the first to graduate from a college. This was a great day indeed. I’m still hoping and praying I won’t be the only one. Here’s my proud Mother Dora!








Yes, I worked in the fast food industry! I went from tossing pizzas, to flipping burgers to Chinese.  This photo is with my boys from Sbarros Pizza!








During the summer I came back home and worked at Wesley Community Center’s Summer Camp as a Computer teacher. This is where I fell in love with the non-profit world and working with youth. A man here thought me how to do self-less acts of kindness. George stewart, man with the hat, was an amazing person and truly passionate about giving and helping. He made this job one of my favorites!



After paying my dues as a morning producer at an ABC affiliate in Waco I got a couple of Jobs offers in Houston and ended up at Channel 11.  The graveyard continued on but this time I actually enjoyed it. I met wonderful friends. News became my life and I didn’t mind it at all. Here’s Debra and Ron- morning anchor at the time!


While at channel 11 I also worked at a nearby restaurant, La grilia. I worked the morning show at ch. 11 from 2am-9am, right after I worked at a nearby restuarant as a waitress… the only female waitress in staff! These boys were crazy!





After Channel 11, I went to work for Latin American Broadcasting, a start up spanish tv station. At LAT TV I worked with programming, branding, community affairs and production. This is the team on Halloween!





Outside of the US trips


This is a photo from Brazil! We got the amazing opportunity to go for the BBC worlwide programming showcase in Rio! We went to view BBC’s new programming for the station. Roxy along with our boss Pat had an amazing time!








Mexico City with Calily

First time in Mexico City with one of my favorite girls Calily! We got  a chance to experience the city’s culture, food, and wonderful people!

One of the best trips!!!










FUN Stuff… Skydiving!


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