My Anti-Valentines


I haven’t given up on love

The possibility will always exist

Possibility of finding one that fits

That understands

Respects and adores


The difference is that I do not depend on it

I don’t live by it

I don’t sit waiting for Prince charming


Prince charming only exists in movies

Happy endings are difficult and nearly impossible

Unhappy endings are more doable and much more real

Rejection is an everyday occurrence

And love isn’t always enough


I’m still a romantic

I still believe in love

I still believe in finding love

Not the perfect love

Just love

One that’s real

One that doesn’t hurt like hell

One that lets you breathe

One that accepts… accepts your true beauty, indenpendece and freedom


I’ve become more of a realist and less of a hopeless romantic

I know love takes work


Reality can and will be a bitch if you let it

It can also be peaceful and groundbreaking

It can bring you joy and independence

Give you a sense of Liberation



My anti-valentines is not because I hate the Holiday

Or because  you may think I’m a bitter single.

Its simply because love should not only be celebrated this one red-heart-cupid hallmark filled day

Love happens every day… all around!


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