It’s okay to be alone!

My good friend Luke shared with me this week and fell in love with it.

The simplicity and beauty of being alone can be extremely relaxing. Something that we as humans, sometimes struggle with, don’t accept and continue to run from it. Poet/singer/songwriter Tanya Davis says it so well on this beautifully produced video.


For a long time I struggle with the idea of being alone. I didn’t know how to deal with. Sometimes I attributed to rejection. Now, I’m in love with it. I enjoy my own presence. I don’t stress if it’s just me. I very much enjoy seating at a coffee shop by myself. I truly believe that being alone and being okay with it is part of being healthy… healthy for the soul. We have to be okay with ourselves before we are able to be really okay with anyone else.

Tanya illustrates this so well…. Take a look and take time to be alone. I promise you will enjoy it!





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