Dream to Reality

Everyone has dream. My dream when I was a little girl was to be a dancer. I wanted to be a dancer and perform in front of crowds. I haven’t given up on that dream!!

Dreams are not meant to stay dreams, they are meant to become something more, something real. Sometimes we give up our dreams for different reasons or circumstances. We stopped trying to make them a reality. You should never stop trying. If you do, those dreams stay dreams.

Baldemar Rodriguez is the living proof that dreams can become a reality. His dream was to make his own film and he has dedicated his heart and soul to this dream. I’ve met my share of determined individuals but no one like him. During our trip to California to promote his film I was humbled by his beautiful soul and never ending determination. This man has been working on this project ever since he can remember to be exact since college. He is now in the process of the final edits of his first film, first of many. The most amazing part about his project is the message behind it; his goal is not to make Money but to show the living struggle of immigrants in this country.  “In Search of the American Dream” is the heartbreaking story of a family that is separated after the parents are arrested and in line to be deported.

During the trip I had the chance to hear a bit about his journey to make this project a reality. We talked about his stays at the YMCA when he had to travel to LA or the nights he slept in his car in Santa Monica pier as he watched to sun set. Or the many doors he had to knock to ask for funding.

A year later, part of his film was previewed for the first time in Long Beach California in a room filled with bilingual teachers. It was truly exciting to see, hear and watch everyone’s reaction to the film. A number of teachers in the room were touched and couldn’t contained the tears back as they share how the movie hit close to home, their classrooms and family. Some simply said, “Thank you for doing this.” After Q&A with Baldemar and the lead actress Shaina Sandoval the crowd stormed to the front and something truly magical happened… they wanted autographs and photos with both of them! I could see Balde’s face shine with happiness and surprise. It was a moment I’m sure he keeps replaying in his mind. A dream becoming a reality… it was just beautiful.

Baldemar was born in Mexico but raised in Pasadena Texas. His parents brought him to Texas when he was 2 years old. Baldemar wrote, directed, produced and also took the lead role in his film “In Search of the American Dream.” Oh let me not forget, thanks to the limited budget he is also editing the entire movie.  One thing I found touching is the community’s involvement. This film has been possible thanks to the donations of the community. The community has not only donated their money but also their professional talents to make this happen. It is really wonderful to see this happen.


Baldemar’s quest to make his dream a reality is truly an inspiration. I admire his wit, determination and all the sacrifices he has to make to make this happen.  I have no doubt this will be the first of many projects. I’m honored he asked me to come along and dive in.

I’ve been able to make many of my dreams become a reality except that dream of becoming a dancer. I can only say I’ve lacked determination to make this happen but its never to late. Dream big. Feel your dreams. Touch them. Live them. They can and will become real if you allow them.



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