Faking the “O”

Orgasms… Yes, women can (not all do) fake it and are damn good at it. Most men think they can tell if a woman is faking, really? Most I don’t think have clue!!! Some women do it to boost the man’s ego and not make him feel bad or hurt his manhood.

Do men fake it? I’m sure they can and some have! But since I’m not a man I can only assume!

Why some may fake it…

  • Not turned on
  • Tired and wants to get it over with
  • Not in the mood
  • Partner is not listening to cues
  • Partner may be taking too long and scared he/she is getting tired

Talking from my perspective…

I think it also has to do with how he makes her feel. If he makes her feel hot, sexy and she feels comfortable in her own skin the road to climax becomes much easier.


PLEASE take your time and don’t go straight to the panties. This only proves that you are only interested in one part of her body and are ignoring the rest of it. Undress her first and let her know how sexy she is. Explore her body, feel it, taste it… love it. Make her feel like a goddess!

Yahoo Blogger Elaina Cohen writes, Most women don’t have orgasms through intercourse. They need clitoral stimulation. Most don’t like it rubbed roughly or firmly. More like it stroked around the clitoris and not directly. And don’t rub her if she seems dry there. That hurts. If she’s not sufficiently wet, use a lubricant before you begin.”

“I think most guys know more about what’s under the hood of a car than what’s under the hood of a clitoris.”  Ian Kerner

Talk to her outside the bedroom and learn! Ask her what she likes, how she wants to be touched and what turns her on and off. Show that you care about making her feel good. Women have buttons, find her and switch them on. Watch her face and body language, this will tell you if she is really enjoying it. Watch for hints and listen to her when she asks you to slow down.

Not everyone can achieve climax via intercourse. Sex toys can be powerful tools to help minimally orgasmic lovers achieve a better end. Whether used alone, or with a partner, sometimes all you need to reach that higher plane of ecstasy is the right stimulation.” Yahoo blogger Elaina Cohen

Be creative! Don’t be afraid to bring toys to the bedroom, this may help the problem! Don’t stick to the bedroom, do it in different areas. Remember how exciting it was when used to make out in the car? Find ways to keep it interesting and getting out of the bedroom is a must!

And please don’t try to imitate what you see on porn. If you do, she may feel insecure because she will never be like the girl on the video. And believe me, you don’t want her to fantasize about someone else other than you. You want to be the sexy hunk she fantasizes about and thinks when she masturbates. Do your homework so you are it!


Talk to him with clear words and don’t use riddles. Men can be lets just say a little slow. Guide him. You have to be his GPS! If you don’t, he will get lost in the complexity of your beautiful vagina. Some are really good at it, but others are going to need your help. If you do not tell him where to go, he may never get there. Remember, men don’t like to ask for directions, you will have to give them to him.

If you have to fake it find a way communicate to him what you like and you don’t like. Some men think they are doing everything right, they truly believe they are the best things on earth and unless we tell them otherwise they will continue to live in that bubble.

And please, don’t ever feel you have to fake it to please him. If you are not in the mood, simply say NO. He needs to respect that.

I’m not an expert on the subject but I believe sex is a beautiful connection between two people that needs constant stimulation and creativity… its a two way street! Don’t ever let it get boring or monotonous. Talk about it!


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  1. Great article. To me the problem is when the 2 folks aren’t communicating. And while verbal communication is great, it’s also important to pick up on the nonverbal things that a partner is “saying”. (moans and such).

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