Coming soon: A boy!

Tuesday April 19, 2011 8:35pm

I’m at my favorite vintage shop trying to find 2 dresses for 2 galas coming up and I get a text from my little sister, “”I’m dialated almost 2 centimeters!! so it looks like the baby is going to be here before we thought…”!!!!

EXCITEMENT!!!! I love babies, I completely adore their smell (expect when they poop) and love holding them! This is my lil sister’s second angel, the first now sits in heaven watching over us. This one, will stay with us for a very very very long time!

I want to be there in the room, I want to see the baby’s face when he arrives… I want to say WELCOME baby, i’m the COOLEST Aunt you will ever have!!!!!!

Yes, I’m single and boyfriend-less but one of the things I look forward to in life is feeling the movement of a baby inside my belly. I know, it may sound totally weird but i think its pretty amazing. I think we, WOMEN, are AMAZING beings, super women who can do the impossible. BRING A LIFE INTO THIS WORLD!!!!

who else can do that? NOT MEN!!!!!! Its true, MEN cannot do everything!!!! and I’m sure they are totally okay without it too!!

I’m excited and not just because I had a couple of margaritas (which by the way were quite yummy) but I’m really happy for her and the second chance God has given her to be a Mommy! I’m excited to see this little boy grow up and hopefully I can help her along the way. I’m excited for her to get the full experience. I’m just excited!!

Giving birth has to be the MOST AMAZING thing on this planet, right? I don’t think there’s anything comparable to that feeling and I’m not talking about the pain. Keep in mind, i’m not a mommy and I’m only assuming. The best adrenaline rush i’ve ever felt was jumping off a plane… giving birth and seeing the baby for the first time has to be way better!!!

Again, I’m excited and praying all goes well with the delivery. She deserves this. I’ve never seen her glow like this before and that glow can only get better  once the baby gets here. I’m excited and if you are reading this you should be too!!!!


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  1. Great news! You ARE the coolest aunt, and your sister and new nephew are so very lucky to have your love. I expect baby pictures…after he’s fully out 😉

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