7 centimeters and counting

Saturday April 23, 2011 8:43pm

She begins to cry… she is scared. Terrified actually. We have been at the hospital for nearly 12 hours She’s 7 centimeters dilated which means baby is coming very soon.

She is not scared because of the pain, contractions or delivery. She is scared for different reasons.

You see, on May 10th of 2007 Diana gave birth to Malaya and no one ever thought anything could go wrong. Malaya was born with Trisomy 13, a genetic disorder in which a person has 3 chromosomes instead of the usual 2 copies. The extra DNA doesn’t allow for a normal development and it happens in about 1 out of every 10,000 newborns. Most babies won’t survive pass age 1. Malaya lived 3 months. It was devastating for Diana. That’s why she is terrified.

I wish I could do something to take that fear away but I know that’s not possible after everything she went through.

I pray this baby is going to all right. I know he will be. I know this little boy is going to change her life completely and make her so happy! Happier than she’s ever been. This her second change on motherhood and I know she will be great at it. Nothing will go wrong. Everything will be just fine. I can’t wait to see him!

7 centimeters and counting!


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