Miracles: Women, birth and their awesomeness!

I’m not a religious person but I do believe and have faith. I trust my spirituality more than my religious knowledge or lack of.

I also believe in miracles.  I witnessed one amazing miracle on Easter Morning, the birth of my sister’s son Todd. He is a truly amazing miracle. Birth is a miracle. He was born on resurrection day.

Resurrection for me means a new beginning, a fresh start.  For my sister this means an opportunity, a second chance on motherhood.

It is truly amazing to watch a child being born. I was there in the room when little Todd gave his first cry fresh out of my sister’s womb.

Birth is simply a miracle. The woman’s body, my body, is a throne with powerful capabilities.

We are walking miracles!

Think about it, we a house a child for 9 months in our wombs, free rent and all food included (well rent and food actually extends to 18, sometimes even longer!!)  I can’t begin to imagine how it feels to have a life inside of you. Imagine feeling every movement… every kick and turn.  And the way our bodies are created to give birth, give life, from our vaginas to our breasts. The fact a 6-pound baby (sometimes more) can actually go thru our beautiful vaginas and see the world is incredible. And the way our breasts get ready to produce milk and feed the baby. It is not an easy process; the breast swell up and some women’s nipples suffer cuts when they began breastfeeding. Easy? no. Painful? yes. But they take it, because feeding that child becomes a priority.

The strength and endurance a woman is capable of during this whole process is admirable. A woman survives the horrible pains of labor, the after effects of giving birth, breastfeeding, soreness, cuts, weight gain, sleeplessness, and everything else that comes after having a child is nothing less than a miracle.

Men have it easy! They just have to make a direct deposit of their goods with their penis and be good to go. If he is a good man he will be by her side holding her hand (or taking the punches/swearing) during labor. But that will never come close to what a woman and her body have to go through.

But there’s something that makes everything worthwhile and something men cannot have, the connection a mother has with her baby. That connection begins in the womb. It is the beautiful and miraculous womb that keeps that baby alive and well.

I witnessed this magical connection when my sister breastfed Todd for the first time. He recognized her, made sudden movements when he heard her voice and became so peaceful when she held him close to her chest. Her scent, warmth and comfort are familiar to him in this new world outside of the womb.

The connection cannot be explained with words nor be replicated

I’m not a mother but I am a daughter who has felt that connection. I’m also surrounded my amazing women who have given birth, felt the grueling pains but also describe that moment as life changing. They live for that child and all talk about that magical connection.  I’m always amazed when I hear them speak about the unexplainable feeling motherhood brings.

This is to and for women and their awesomeness!

Women, never forget how powerful you really are.

Never forget how incredibly strong and courageous you are

Never forget how much you contribute to this Earth

Never forget YOU make the world go round

Men, don’t you dare ever forget how powerful we are

Never dare to question our capabilities, our strength and courage

Never forget every single painful sacrifice we have to make

Never forget you come from our womb

Never forget we are your mother, grandmother, wife, daughter, and sister


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