I refuse

Inspiration from a conversation over coffee and dedicated to a powerful woman and a dear friend. You are strong!

I refuse to miss you

Refuse to think of you

Refuse to feel of your arms around me

Refuse to hear your voice telling me everything will be okay

Refuse your presence bringing me peace when I needed the most

I refuse to allow my heart from becoming weak because of you

I refuse to dream of you when there’s no hope

I refuse hoping to see you because you are not there

I refuse to reminisce of all the moments gone

I refuse to imagine you for one moment

I refuse to wish you were here

I refuse because you are not

Because part of my heart brakes when he thinks of you

Because you contributed to my weakness but also to my strength

Because you crushed part of me

Because I lost myself in you

Because I finally found myself

Because I’m finally free

I refuse you because I’m strong, powerful and oh so much better than that.


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