Find someone to push you. Find a Joe

“Choose people who will lift you up, find people who will make you better” Michelle Obama

Just this morning my trainer and dear friend Joe did just that. Yesterday, I found out I got a spot on the Houston Marathon but to be honest I didn’t think I would (maybe I was hoping I wouldn’t) He encouraged me to sign up for the lottery and I did on deadline day. He said, “aight, you are going to meet me at 6am to run.” And I did, after hitting the snooze several times and getting a wake up from him.

Having people in your life to not only lift you up but also push you to be better is part of the every day survival. I’m fortunate to have a number of these wonderful beings in my life. I’ve had wonderful mentors and friends that have pushed me outside my comfort zone and I thank them for it. There have been moments when I wanted to simply give in and not try hard but one these beings snuck up yelled at me (just like Joe loves to do) and said I could do it. Self-motivation is great but motivation from others has a different effect, is a loving feeling.

You have to have people that motivate you everyday, people that lift you up when you are down, push you and challenge your core. Find people that believe in your potential and let you see things about yourself you may not be seeing. Allow yourself to be challenged and don’t get mad if they push you towards improvement.

I could name every single person that has done this for me but this entry would go on forever. I can simply thank them for being right behind me when I thought I couldn’t run any more. These are my angels, not in heaven but here on earth alive and breathing. Joe has been my trainer and friend for more than 6 years. I remember coming to his gym and copying exercises he did with his clients (I could never afford him). He eventually noticed, felt bad for me and showed me how to do it right. He says, “you had no butt back then ‘lil bit,” and that’s no joke!

Find your self a Joe that’s willing to push the hell of you and give you a wake up call when you need it. Find a Joe that makes you mad as hell once in while but also makes you happy he is around. Find a Joe that encourages to run faster than you are used to but also knows when to run a ‘lil slower and doesn’t leave you behind. Find a Joe that knows your potential but also understands your limits.

The alarm didn’t wake me this morning, Joe  did and I don’t think I would’ve finished the almost 8 miles if it wasn’t for my Joe.  And he will run beside me the day I run those 26.2 miles, my first…  his 12th!


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