Day 1 in Nica: Llegamos!

It’s a rainy beautiful night in Granada Nicaragua! Our group is sitting in a circle sipping on some Flor de Cana rum (super cheap here!) and toasting for our safe arrival to this Central American beauty and gearing up to kick off the school project tomorrow.

Oh, we ran into the pit-bull master in the airport. I’ve never heard of him but apparently he rescues pit bulls from the worse condition, a pit bull hero!

We are traveling on the cheap staying at a hostel which is amazingly cheap and not that bad after all. Our group of 17 has taken over the entire place (check all our bags!) and the staff here has been extremely friendly and accommodating. We are all sharing rooms, which makes the cost even cheaper, 8 bucks a night!

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The minute we got on the road I felt like I was at home, the smells, the greenery, colors, food, the people. It was like I’ve been here before. The strange anxious feeling that was bothering the heck out me the last couple of days was instantly replaced with pure joy and excitement. I was also pretty darn happy to eat some traditional food that took me back to mi pequeno El Salvador. Yucca frita (Fried Caccava) rice, beans, plantains and jugo de mango (mango juice)

Tomorrow will be an exciting day. The plan is to get up at 7am (yes, after the rum) and head to the schools where we will be distributing the supplies to the kiddos. We are also giving the school a facelift and give a computer class to the teachers. Ivan Quezada, our group leader, got a friend to donate a laptop for the teachers to use!

My phone is not on here, (on purpose) which is awesome; I won’t be checking emails either but will continue to write from time to time.

I’m looking forward to the amazing adventure we just begun.

Saludos desde Nica!


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