Nica y sus niños

Los niños de Nicaragua y su alegría es medicina perfecta para el Corazón” The kids from Nicaragua and their joy is the perfect medicine for the heart

We are going on our third day in Nicaragua and so far it has been a magical and humbling experience.

On our second Day we visited the 5 schools and distributed supplies to kids in 3. The students are on a holiday vacation right now but didn’t mind coming to school to meet us. At the first school someone in the group asked the kids to sing and they instantly sang the Nicaragua National Anthem. It was like something taken out of a movie, they were loud, proud and a joy to listen.

The group of kids at the second school stole our hearts. One of their teachers welcomed us by showing off one of his student’s ability to make decorative gifts with recycled items. He was so proud to show off!!  The kids were so excited to see us there and have been ever since. We decided to give a facelift to this particular school because the kids and their teacher charmed us. The kids were so loving and welcoming the minute we walked into the door plus I’ve never seen a more passionate teacher in my life advocating for his students. You will hear more about this particular teacher soon!

The third day 16 went to work on the school and 2 of us stayed behind because one was very ill.  One member of the group had a bad reaction to something she ate and we had to take a day to recover. Thankfully after a trip to the hospital she’s doing very well. The hospital trip is a completely different post on its own coming soon!

Today I got a chance to work at the school and spend more time with the kids. Amazingly the kids are so excited they have helping us a great deal with the makeover! They have taken ownership of the project to make their school look much better. It is so cool to see them at work (check the slides)

This trip is a reality check and humbling. It makes you realize how fortunate you really are and how simplicity can make you happy. The memories of my childhood are also all around me. The most touching sensation of all is that I see myself in the kids, …I used to be just like them. I have to thank them for bringing me back and reminding me exactly where I came from.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much I did taking them!

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