My Wonder Woman!

There’s no one like my Mother! Dora Estela was born in El Salvador August 20th in a year I won’t disclose because she will kill me! At 9 years old my Mother graduated from being a girl to an adult when she began working in the cotton fields. In El Salvador like in other Latin American countries some children lose their childhood at an early age due to poverty.

According to my grandmother Mami was always the rebel of the bunch, sounds familiar?  My mother loved to go dancing, go places and was always curious. In Spanish there’s a saying, “Es mejor pedir perdon que pedir permiso.” Or “its better to ask for forgiveness rather than asking for permission.” I believe my mother was a firm believer of this philosophy. She has always done what she pleases and giving up has never been an option.

One big difference between us is that she does like to do her hair. I don’t cut my hair to be “hip” but because I’m lazy and I do not like to spend time fixing it! My mom has always taken care of the way she looks and the day she doesn’t there’ must be something wrong. Growing up she didn’t have the fancy makeup but that didn’t stop her. She used achiote, reddish food condiment, to blush her cheeks.  I loved getting her photos in the mail. I was always be amazed by her beauty and couldn’t believe the lady with the beautiful green eyes was my mother.

My lovely crazy brother jokes that the reason I do not like look like her is because she found me in a dumpster. I throw it right back at him since he doesn’t look like her either. Brotherly and sisterly love I tell ‘ya!

All Jokes aside, my mother is a beautiful woman and no one can deny it. The most beautiful part about her is the love she has for her children, and the strength to always protect us. We are 4 big headaches, Carlos, Frida, Diana and Jose.

I owe my mother a whole lifetime for everything she has done for me. Her sacrifices, although difficult to understand when I was a child, are changed my life. I understood this even more while in Nicaragua this summer. I could see myself in the kids faces and saw how different my life would have been had my mother not moved to this country. I cannot begin to imagine how difficult it must have been to leave her 2 children behind to search for a better life across the border. I must also thank my tia Marta for her encouraging and supporting her through the difficult decision.

That one decision changed everything for me, it gave me options and I will forever be grateful. This is one of the reasons I want to continue to with the project in Central America. The kids there also deserve to have options, resources and an education. Those who cross should never forget about those left behind. I was fortunate my mother crossed but never abandoned us. She came back for us and changed everything.

My mother is my hero, my Wonder Woman and today we celebrate her birthday. I thank her for strength, courage and love.


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