Out of the ordinary

 I’ve never liked routines because they make me feel stuck. This is one of the main reasons I promote trying something different every day. It doesn’t have to be something big, expensive or elaborate.

Try taking a different route to work or school every day. You may be surprised at what will find. Try eating a different type of food everyday; this includes cooking something different too.

Try a new juice or different flavored coffee, soda or tea

Try running in a different park.

Try a different color; wear something you wouldn’t “normally” wear.

How about a different hairdo? Or maybe a different haircut?

Or maybe hanging out with different/new people

Try calling people instead of texting

Try meeting people in person instead of the chat room

Try a local coffee shop, local food truck, and local restaurant

Rearrange your home

The point is to  never be too comfortable and never too afraid to get out of that comfort. Be adventurous in the simplest ways you know. Try, feel and see new things. Just try it!

My recent out of the ordinaries include



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