Ride the train, walk and learn to be still

“Just sit still Frida, for one day just sit still” I struggle with this one every week but always attempt to have at least one of those moments (I’m not always successful). Life gets too crazy busy and it is good to slow down and sit for a minute.  In Nicaragua, I was able to do this in hammock for more than an hour. Amazing I know!  I did absolutely nothing but just lie there and feel at peace.

I believe in life you have to live every moment at its fullest, and boy have I taken this seriously in the last 2 years! I’ve realized those moments don’t always have to go 100 miles per hour. It is okay to slow down, take deep breaths and allow yourself a slow pace once in a while. Those slower moments are also special, fulfilling and tend to be much more enjoyable.

Think of the difference between running, jogging and walking. I think life can be very much like this. Most of the time, we are running everywhere. We have a goal, purpose and timeframe. From time to time we slow down our pace and we jog, we glance at our surroundings, explore just enough but still from a distance. And rarely but surely sometimes we walk. We walk, take it easy and take everything in. We are able to really enjoy what we see around us, breathe in the smells, and feel the ground we walk.

It is okay to run but we have to find a balance in between. If we just run run our bodies will eventually get strain and start screaming for help. The cry for help may sometimes be heard too late. Pay attention and listen.

I speak from experience! The other day I woke up and realized I forgot to close my front door the night before. I got home so late and tired I went straight to my bed and lay for what was supposed to be minute but didn’t wake up until the next morning with a door wide open!

I love the pace of my life. A train came thru not too long ago; I jumped in without hesitation and haven’t stopped since. The train will always go fast as hell but that doesn’t mean you have to.  I’m learning how to sit still in that train. It is okay to walk even when everyone else is running.

Find simple things that slow you down. Find things that make you feel better. Do something for you.

Here’s a look at the jog/walk I took inside my train earlier this week




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