Don’t just occupy… do something for change!

I must confess that in recent weeks i haven’t been my normal news-junkie self due to work schedule and activities (not necessarily a bad thing). Thankfully my newsjunkie peeps do a hell of a job keeping me on the loop through clever headlines on their social media pages which makes me appreciate the ever changing world of journalism even more. No, is not always the healthiest way but oh so convient!  

did you know there’s a global movement going on right now? I would love to be in NYC and document everything with my lil’ canon. Why NY? Hell, Why not?

Photo by magneticart – A Collection

Today, 82 countries are joining in, protests are happening right now in 951 cities in what organizers call an international day of solidarity.

I found this write-up by opinion writer Tony Rhodin in Lehigh Valley about  ocuppy  and he makes a lot of sense to me. 

“… the way you get things done is to come up with a few ideas that can work.”


My favorite moment and small step/effort to change something this week is illustrated on the photo to the left. A group taking calls from those affected by Family Violence. Our way to occupy!

Change shouldn’t be a fantasy or dream, it must be a reality but WE must make it happen. Small steps are also part of the larger scale!

A good friend I like to call a “visionary” sent this message yesterday and brought it all into perspective. I have to share on this space because I think it is important and i do believe change begins with us. If we don’t get up and do something about what we don’t like change will never happen. We cannot depend on others to make this happen. We complain and complain about all the wrongs around us but are we really doing something about it?

If we do something, let’s do it peacefully! Violence should not be an option.

The message…

“This is the first time I do a mass private message. I’m writing you today because the time has come for our generation to make a positive impact on our world, and the world we will leave our children. For the most part I chose people from my “friends” list that I believe are real visionaries and that I believe have the courage to speak up against a financial and political system that is broken, corrupt.

Most of us think that the world begins and ends at our doorstep. We think that ‘as long my family and friends are doing well, that’s all that matters.’ But, I’m here to tell you that you and I have a greater responsibility to each other, to this world, to this one precious, tangible life, that in reality, is the only life we are promised, blessed with. We need to remind ourselves of that, because along with a system that is broken, this form of thought also plays into a greater issue – a broken humanity.

 Many people, including myself, are pointing the fingers at Wall Street, banks, corporations, and the government, but in the end it is people like you and I that are behind these institutions. That is why I make the argument that before any economic system, or system of government will work, we must fix ourselves first. We are greedy, selfish, egocentric beings, with a narcissistic sense of entitlement that will continue to corrupt systems and institutions for the sake of personal gain.

 Tomorrow, October 15th, on a global scale, people like you and I are going to protest and march, as an act of non-violent, civil disobedience to let those in positions of leadership and power know that we are “mad as hell, and we aren’t going to take it anymore!” I believe this act will also create a spirit of love and unity that will also helps us cure a greater sickness, humanity.

There are movements in every city. Find yours, and “be the change.”

Peace & Love,

Frida’s Friend


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  1. Thanks again for reminding us that we are part of the change and we must do our part to make the change happen! Much Respect Frida!

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