The painful truth



She was there

Always there

Always present

Always available

Always for you

Always amazed by you

Always willing to understand


She took moments of discomfort

She took nights of loneliness

She took the unavailability

She guarded your spirit

She guarded your comfort

She guarded your pain


She fell in love with you

You loved her the only way you could


You carried her

You help open her eyes

You lifted her spirit

You brought her peace

You became her soul mate

You helped her be stronger


She is there

You are here


Both in different places

Both fighting battles

Both wishing different things

Both waiting for something

Both in love in different ways

Both realizing the painful truth


The painful truth is never easy

The painful truth leaves us terrified

The painful truth brings us back to the beginning

When everything changed

When everything could have been different

When life made no sense at all


The painful truth is pain

It is heartache

It is emotional


The painful truth my love is just that, the truth


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