Be sexy

Halloween was here and the mega sexy costumes were a hot commodity at the stores. Going into these stores its always very interesting to me not just because of the costumes that leave very little to the imagination, but due to the women that buy them. They look like my mom, my aunt, my ultra conservative friend and like a 14-year-old cousin who wants to feel sexy with her playboy bunny outfit.

Next to this super sensual costumes are the children’s costumes, unfortunately some of these have the same adult tone but for 11-year-old girls. At a very early age, without us even realizing, we introduce young girls to a culture that defines a woman as a sexual object. This does make me uncomfortable and troubles me.

Why do we choose these types of costumes? I have to admit I do get curious to see the frida everyone knows in one of those sexy costumes. But reality is that I rather keep certain things to myself and I do not agree with what our cultures defines as sexy. I guess my way of rebelling is a bit different than most ladies.

A good friend says Halloween is a “free pass” to rebel and get out of the daily routine we are boxed in. “I’m tired of people thinking I’m a good girl,” she says. “I want them to know that I am a woman,” and by the way, a sensual woman!

Is this why the rest also dress this way? Maybe so! As women we live under social pressures and always worry about, “what are they going to say?”

What are they going to say if I wear that shirt that shows off my cleavage? What about if I want show off my stomach and legs? But I’m embarrassed.  What are people going to think?

A holiday that was once intended for children to dress-up and walk around their neighborhood searching for candy has become the perfect excuse for adults to liberate their hidden curiosities. For many women, this is the perfect time to wear whatever the hell they want without being judged. Why? Because everyone else is doing it! The, “what are they going to say,” doesn’t weigh that much because everyone else is going to be dressed like crazy anyway, right? I think we won’t feel as conscious if we wear the mini skirt or if we show off the bra we love so much but no one eve sees. And what about the black lace panty hoes? How about those platform heels and boots that make us feel powerful?

Every year I opt to rebel against this type of costume, not because I don’t like them but because I refuse to be the “type” of sexy the stores sell. The little red ridding hood with a mini skirt and red panty hoes or the sexy maid with her apron and broom ready to “serve” her master. I refuse to allow that to define my sexy.

Unfortunately, we are used to the certain type of sexy we watch in movies, soap operas, magazine, and even Disney movies. Society measures sexiness according to how much you show or how tight your skirt or shirt is. But I believe a woman can be equally sensual without having to show everything just like society demands. I admire the sexuality of so many women during the Halloween, not because I’m checking them out, but because is refreshing to see female liberation out of the box and daring what’s imposed.

I like to see the liberation of being able to do whatever the hell we want, wherever we want without having to worry about “what would they say.”  Why do we have to do it only on this day? Sexuality is something natural and we shouldn’t have to hide it 364 days of the year and only get it out every October 30th. Sensuality shouldn’t depend on a pair of high heels or mini skirts either. We have to learn how to define our own type of sexy with confidence in bodies, our capabilities, intelligence and ourselves. We have to empower our selves and our young girls that women are powerful amazing beings with internal attributes, not just external. THIS should always accessorize your sexy costume.

Be sexy with the way you speak

Be sexy with the your confidence

Be sexy with in your own skin.

Be sexy, embrace it, love it… be you!


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