Thank you very much!

26 Nov

I do not believe in being thankful once a year. I admit I do appreciate and welcome any excuse to eat amazing food. I love the meaning of thanksgiving but do not believe a holiday should be the only reminder for us to get together and be thankful.  We must be thankful every chance we get. Life can change and go in any given moment. Make every second count and always be thankful.

Be thankful for…

Every morning you wake up

Every breakfast you eat

Every moment you spend with your loved ones just because

Every living being around you

The kid that makes you giggle

Every hand you shake

Every hug you get and give

Every person who inspires and moments you inspire

Be thankful for

the minutes you spend with your family

the tears you shed and ease your pain

Every moment of vulnerability you allow yourself to have

Every working limb in your body

Be thankful…

for the smells

for the flavors

for the way nature decides to change

for the amazing feeling love brings you

Thankful for…

each moment you realize how beautiful life can really be

the simplicity it brings and the times you are able to recognize it

the beautiful music that disconnects and connects you to what’s real

the safety one person can bring you

the magic and miracles we only feel

Be thankful for…





And endless possibilities 

Always be thankful 


2 Responses to “Thank you very much!”

  1. amc November 27, 2011 at 2:52 am #

    Estaba a punto de reclamarte por la musica…que bueno que no la olvidaste… Muy original FV

  2. Sandra Fernandez December 5, 2011 at 1:25 am #

    What a great post! I agree that we need to be thankful every day, not just once a year.

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