End of the year adventure getaway

My level of creativity is decreasing by the minute, which means it is time for a break.  I know how to recognize it and I know what I need to do when this happens.

Image by Yosemite Miners Inn

My end of the year adventure/getaway is California and its beauty I haven’t seen.

Why Cali? I promised myself 2 months ago I was going to see Yosemite before my 30th!  As long as the bears and snow do not get on the way, this week I get to see Yosemite and its grandness!

The rules, be spontaneous and go with the flow!

The plan, simply sit still. I want to slow down, breathe, regroup and recharge! Oh, and do all those things I keep telling myself I need to do and never make the time to do like finish reading a book!

I’m excited for the adventure and also for the chance to spend time with dear friends.

I kept details about the trip from my Mom until this weekend, her reaction, “QUE? (in a loud voice) Estas loca! But I know you will have fun!  She thinks I’m crazy and she’s not far from the truth at all!

There’s only one life to live and intend to live it to the fullest!


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