Frida’s Café turns 1 today!

Frida’s Café opened its doors to the public for the first time a year ago! It has been quite a ride ever since.

I’ve always had something to say about everything but only shared it with my journal. I began journaling when I was in Middle school shortly after I arrived to the U.S. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a poet but was too embarrassed to show anyone what I wrote. A year ago that little girl finally freed her voice, lost the fear and said the hell with it.  I decided push my self-consciousness to the side and open the door to a new adventure. The writings, interesting or not, were put out. My hope was to get at least one person to read! I was pleasantly surprised when people other than my close friends were actually reading the blog! THAT was exciting!

One of the most exciting moments and highlight of the year has to be seeing a Frida’s Café column printed on the Spanish newspaper La Voz.  Frida’s Café has become a small part of La Voz in print and online. I was very surprised and honored when Aurora Losada, La Voz, editor offered me the space. It was unexpected and beyond my expectations for the blog. Gracias Aurora for the opportunity, trust and space!

Frida’s Café has become my escape and a way to process what’s going on in my world.  Sometimes its my way to rebel against the norm and a new way to connect and share commonalities with other people.  The most exciting and unexpected part from the process has been getting feedback messages from those who read the posts. Some have shared very personal stories and struggles. I thank you for that.

I smile every time I hear someone making a reference to the blog. My instant reaction, “awww you read my blog!” followed by butterflies of excitement and instant encouragement to do more.

I thank you very much for your precious time, your comments, your privates messages, your critiques, your stories, your opinions, your likes, your presence and your silence. Thank you for allowing me to share experiences with you and thank you for sharing yours. Thank you for paying attention and reading between the lines.

Some have asked how can I share so much on the blog but to be quite honest Frida’s Café is a only a small piece of my personal life. Yes, it may be a lot more than what others may share but it’s not everything. Most stays in the pages of my journal.

The plan for the next year is to dedicate more time to Frida’s Café. I write a lot but not all gets to the blog because of time constraints.

My birthday tribute to Frida’s Café a top 6 list of your favorites…

Carta al Hombre que no quiso ser mi Padre/Letter to the man who didn’t want to be my father

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7 Centimeters and counting

If he is not that into to you find someone who is

Faking the O

Nica Highlights

Salud to a great first year filled with emotions, awareness, poetry, photography and of course fun sex talks!

Salud to you for keeping Frida’s Café alive!

Y salud to another exciting year and many more to come!

Muchas Gracias!

Frida V-


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