Sometimes we try to run away from reality wishing and hoping it will help change the course. The truth is reality will never cease to amaze and always find a way to catch up to you or patiently wait for when you decide to come back around. 

Reality is not always what we want it to be.

It is not always welcome.

It is not always what we show the world

It is not always the same color


Reality can bring us down to the floor if you allow it but it can also pick you up.

It can wake the shit out of you and shake your core.

It has the power to drive you in so many different directions but also hold you still.

Reality can be painful, frustrating, exhausting, nerve racking.

It can also challenge you, brake you but also make you stronger.

Reality can be hard to accept…

hard to understand

hard to get away from.


It is the truth we don’t want to hear

truth that we run from

truth we try to hide

truth that makes us vulnerable



It is that same reality that can change us for the good, can move us, help us grow, keeps us imperfect… keeps us human

Keeps us in black and white or gives us color

It is your reality and you decide its color




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