Give thanks to 2011!

Have been enjoying the what’s left of this year? I must say I have- every moment!

Before we get really excited about the New Year lets not push the last one out the door before its time. Take a few moments to reflect, evaluate and appreciate this year, good or bad. 

Give yourself credit for surviving another year and for the moments you really took time to enjoy life to the fullest.

Give thanks to the lessons you learned.

Give thanks for those in your life and who make it worthwhile.

Give thanks for the many times you laughed so hard you almost peed in your pants

Give thanks for every single sunny day

Every rainy day

Every cold and cozy day

Every hot and steamy day or night!! 😉

Give thanks for all the kindness you were a victim of

Give thanks for all those moments you wanted to scream, cry, laugh,

Give thanks because you learned

Give thanks because you loved

Give thanks if you felt loved

Be excited for the New Year tomorrow, but for now enjoy what’s left of good old 2011. Honor it. Love it. And give it the farewell it deserves because weather you liked or not it will be part of your history.

Cheers 2011 and thank you very much!



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