It is all part of the show!

Do you ever feel lost? Do you ever struggle to find motivation in the things you love the most?  Do you have days when you just don’t want to care?

It happens, right? Is it normal? I’m sure some can relate!

The New Year it not “supposed” to feel like this. This is not what we all toasted for on New Year’s, is it? I guess it’s supposed to be about new beginnings, positive energy and all that other crap we all say, right? Do we really believe this? Or do we just pretend?

I think some pretend because it is all part of the show. One way or another we have pretended once or twice in our life. We may do it every day. Some more than others!

How many of us walk around with baggage?

How many of us still walk around with a big smile?

How many of us ever tell someone how we really feel?

How many times can we say out loud what we are really thinking?


How many times do we tell our friends they suck as friends?

Ask why they were not there when we needed it them


How many times do we stay in relationships just because it is comfortable?

Because it has been years…  it is our best friend. Because it’s what we know

How many of us could say, “I’m not in love with you anymore”?

How many us avoid falling in love?


How many of us tell our families how frustrating they can be?

How many times do we wish they cared a little more?


How many times do get tired of “being there”?

Being the good friend, son or daughter…


How many times do we want to just scream, “fuck it” and walk away?

How many times do we actually do it?


How many times do we tell our selves everything is okay when its really not?

How many times do we wish someone would pick us up?


Life carries on. We carry on. We move on.  We pick ourselves up. We cry when no one is watching. We wipe our tears because we can. We hide our baggage because it’s best. We smile when we have to.  We say the things we should say.

We go on and continue the show. That’s what we do. That’s how we deal.

That’s how we survive

Compliments of Marty's Facebook!

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