You begin to feel really warm inside, blood flow feels faster than usual, heart wants to jump out of your chest and excitement boils inside. That’s how I remember by first major adrenaline rush. That’s how I felt right before I jumped from a plane and skydived. It was an adrenaline rush like no other and that’s when I became an adrenaline junkie. I decided I needed it to have more of those moments in my life.

In a few hours I will be running my first marathon and the adrenaline is already pumping. I’m looking forward to feeling the rush as soon as cross the finish the line.

Some may wonder people do this? Why in the world would you put your body through that? I assume for some, the pure rush makes it all worth it. For others it may be about proving they are capable of doing something extraordinary.

I think it is also about setting a goal, overcoming obstacles and accomplishing something beyond our belief. It is about learning how powerful mind and body really are. It is realizing you can do it even if you think you are going to suck. It is a great way to empowerment and to believing in our selves.

Life is much more interesting and enjoyable when you have these moments. Adrenaline rushes make everything worthwhile. And you don’t have to jump off a plane or run like crazy to feel experience it. Adrenaline can be found any time, anywhere. You can feel it when you are doing something love, when you are passionate about something or someone, when you allow yourself to enjoy the simplicity of life, smiles, friendships, family.  It is about living the moment, closing your eyes and allowing a free flow of emotions.

Allow your heart, body and soul to feel these moments. Never stop searching for that adrenaline- I promise you it is all worth it!


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