A chance that changed things and my best other half

Nearly four years ago the TV station I worked for went under and everyone was laid off. At that time I was volunteering at the Women’s Center hotline and began falling in love with the work. The day I got laid off I went in to the Women’s Center to try to keep my mind off things. I had no clue what I was going to do. This was time when our job market was probably at its worse and finding a job in media would be very difficult. Thankfully one of the hotline advocates, Frances, asked for my resume and got it to the desk of the communications manager- Kelly Boros. I’m sure Kelly got sick of my “follow up” emails but I was determined and didn’t stop until she gave me an interview. I’m so glad I didn’t stop!

Kelly took a chance and gave me the job that changed my life.  THAT has been the best opportunity someone has ever giving me and I will forever be grateful.

This post is not about the job but about the person who gave me that chance. After 10 years of amazing service to the agency Kelly has decided it is time for a change. She says, “I have chosen to seek new challenges, test my talent and discover new mistakes in a new career.”

I’m pretty heartbroken about this whole thing but when change decides to makes its way into our lives there’s no way to stop it. We either ride the train or get off. Kelly has been a truly amazing woman to work with and I will forever cherish the great working relationship we developed during the past 3 and half years. It is really hard to find people that share your same wavelength in a working environment. We clicked and it worked!

One of favorite parts of working with her- our brainstorming sessions! They were always creative, off/on topic, random but believe or not very productive!  Working for a non-profit really gets your creative juices going especially when you have a zero budget but we always made it work.  Kelly never placed in a box and I really appreciate that. Early on she understood I was a bit of a free spirit and trusted I could get things done. Kelly is also a free spirit who can do amazing things if you allow her.

Kelly is one of the reasons I fell in love with the work the agency does. She understands the issue and has a beautiful way to put it into words. I admire her writing because it moves you, pushes the right buttons and makes you think. She does it well even when she is telling you did something wrong.  The chief editor of the chronicle complimented this skill! I ran into him and he asked who wrote our open letters. He said, “Yours was the nicest complaint letters I’ve ever received.”

It has been difficult to come to terms with the idea that I won’t be able to sneak into her office and have random conversations about really random things. She really did have an open door policy! Coffee breaks without her clever humor will not be as enjoyable.

I have to thank her for teaching me a lot of new phrases, sayings and jokes. I won’t share those with you to avoid embarrassing her. Sometimes I had no idea what the heck her jokes meant, not because they weren’t funny but because I didn’t understand them. The barrier was mainly due to culture or a reference to pop culture I just didn’t get because I didn’t grow up in the states.  Anyone that knows Kelly will describe her humor as witty, dry and very clever!

One of the most memorable moments with Kelly was a day when I shut my door because I felt overwhelmed and need it a few tears. She knocked; open the door only to realize what I was doing. I had never seen her eyes open so wide!! She asked with amazement “ARE you CRYING?”  She then cover her face with a plant she had on her hands and asked if I was okay. She had no clue what to say, or do. It was just like those awkwardly funny Seinfeld episodes.  She made me laugh and that was exactly what I needed to feel better.  Of course, she still teases me about it! This is why I had to put a hold on any type of emotion when I hugged her goodbye yesterday.

Oh one more thing I’ve learned with Kelly is to ask before hugging! We always tease her because she is not much of a hugger. I got a few laughs on more than one occasion when my friends hugged and kissed her cheek goodbye. She was always polite but if you know Kelly you know that’s a HUGE no no! She likes boundaries!

Her kiddos are the exception to the rule! She is the super mom of two beautiful boys. She always has the funniest stories about those crazy boys! I have a lot respect for her because i’m sure having a career, being a mom and wife all at the same time it’s not easy. I’m not sure how she does it but manages to do it beautifully! 

Those punks taking her away are so lucky to have her. She is an all around badass and I know she is going to do great on this new adventure. I will miss her tremedously at work but I’m so happy we were able to establish a friendship that will continue. She will have to make the commute to have dinners and happy hours with Pam and I once in a while! 

Change can be very scary but also very exciting. Unfortunately, sometimes these two don’t come together! At this moment for me this change just feels scary but I’m patiently waiting for the excitement to arrive. I hope sooner than later.

I have some BIG shoes to fill but I’m up for the challenge. Thank you Kelly for giving me a chance, trusting me and being the best other half I’ve ever had!



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