The email has been sent. I guess that makes it official!

The email has been sent and it is now official. HR sent a message to staff today announcing that beginning March first Frida Villalobos becomes the manager of Communications for the Houston Area Women’s Center. Writing the last part of this sentence felt surreal.  It seems as if it was yesterday I was hired as the Communications specialist!! I’ve known about this for more than a week but it hasn’t quite settled in yet especially because Kelly just left.

I must confess I’m still waiting for the excitement to arrive. I know it is great, I get it but the speed in which my world is moving is a bit faster than normal. I love speed but I like to be in control of it. I guess I’m rebelling against the fact that life decided to make speed up change for me.  I felt change in the air back in the December when a Global PR agency took me by surprise and offered me a job. It forced me to evaluate where I was in my career.  Earlier this month I was offered a second position at another agency and this one really shook up things a bit. I turned down both positions.

Change is never quiet, loves to make an entrance and this is certainly not the exception.  

I came to San Antonio for the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault searching for more than just new training and tools. I came to get inspiration and motivation from one woman- Cassandra Thomas. I’m thrilled to report she did not disappoint. This woman’s keynote speech is exactly what I was waiting for- it was raw, angry and powerful. Cassandra was introduced as a national treasure in the movement of sexual assault and now I understand why. She captures you; makes you want to get off your ass and do something.  She talked about the history of the movement and where we are now. Cassandra is one of those women who can sale you a pencil and make you want to pay her extra for it. She woke us up and challenged everyone in the room to re-evaluate their role in the movement.

I decided to stay at the Women’s Center because of this movement. I could have said yes to that first position which would have drastically changed the monthly balance in my bank account but unfortunately had no substance to offer. The second position had a lot of substance but it didn’t feel right. I’ve learned how to follow my heart when it comes to my profession. I’ve learned that if I’m not happy doing what I do every day it may not be worth it.  I made that mistake once.

This change brings many challenges but also the opportunity to learn and grow. Two weeks ago this would have never crossed my mind but that’s how change is. Change will take us by surprise and we must learn how to embrace it. I’m learning. Change will make us re-evaluate where we are, where we want to go and what it takes to get there. This is where I am and although it is a scary process it’s also empowering.

I’m no Kelly but will use everything I learned under her wing to become the best I can be. I am excited to see how this evolves… wish me luck!


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