Fun times at The Social Revolución & SXSWi

We finally make it to the party!
We finally make it to the party!

It was a good time in Austin on Monday! Juanofwords invited me to carpool and crash The Social Revolución party at SXSWi.  He was nominated for The Innovator award. It was a good time from the time when we started chatting in the car until we got back to Houston at 2 in the morning!

It was great to mix and mingle with so many creative peeps. It was especially cool to introduce myself as a blogger.

I also got a chance to see my awesome Padrino Doug. He was part of a panel at conference. Doug has been my mentor since my sophomore year in college when I got an opportunity to be part of the Next Generation Radio program at the Billboard Awards. He is my Padrino because he is honest, gives great advice and everyone knows him! You should always have mentors in your life.

After the Social Revolución party we were invited to the Ford Media party where we ate delicious bar-b-que and mingled with good-looking folks! I really enjoyed the last part!

I really enjoyed this mini-road trip because I got a chance to chat and shared personal stories with the group. We all felt it this morning when we had to wake up early to head to work but it was all worth it!

I suggest you always do things that are worth it- life will be much more enjoyable if you do

Here are some of the photos from our trip!


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