When we miss

There are moments in our lives when we miss someone so much it hurts. It hurts, it weighs and it drives us crazy. It may be a lost love, a lost loved one or a lost friend. When we miss someone we realize how much their presence means to us, how much of a difference they make in our lives and how this person makes us whole. When you miss someone it feels like you hit the wall and there is nowhere to go. We feel emptiness so deep inside of us, so strong, so painful. When we miss someone you want to do everything you can to feel their presence again even if you know it may not be the best for you. When you miss someone there’s so much confusion, hope they will be reach to your before you give in or simply a sign that they are still there.

When you miss someone you begin to think about each moment you shared. You try to relive each one and wish with all your heart you can have at least one back. When you miss someone you begin to think all the different ways this person made you happy, the ways in which they made you feel and also the way they hurt you. You question why you are not with the person in the first place, and you begin to see the imperfections that you didn’t want to see before. When you miss that person you realize how much you have changed and you begin to miss the person you used to be. 

When you miss someone you miss yourself as much as you miss them. 


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