Shops where I got that stuff!

Heights Location
249 West 19th St.
Houston, TX 77008
(713) 868-2400

There are few shops I like to visit from time to time to check what’s new on the rack. My personal favorite is Buffalo Exchange in the heights because it is never too busy and they have a nice collection of dresses and blouses. I have also been able to find shoes and boots during winter. I know, you may think wearing used shoes is a bit yucky but most of the shoes you find at these shops are in excellent condition and at bargain price.

If you are into name brands, go up to the counter and check out the shoes they may have on display. You have to ask a sales associate to show them to you- those shoes will be more than 70% off regular price and in great condition. Most shoes are different from those you find at Department stores. The stores also keep name brand purses at the counter.

Westheimer Location
1618 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 523-8701

There are also a number of shops in the Montrose area on Westheimer near Dunlavy. On this trip you will find another Buffalo Exchange, Taxi, Leopard Lounge and Fashion Recycle. You can always find something at this Buffalo but get ready to get on line when you have to pay. The Buffalo on Westheimer also has a cool hats and accessories.

Buffalo Exchange has location all over the Country. I have been able to visit one in San Francisco, in Austin and in LA.  ALL great places to find funky clothes.

657 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 528-5500

Taxi Taxi on Westheimer has a great selection of name brand jeans and vintage tees. What I mean by Vintage tees I mean really worn out t-shirts with cool graphics and funky colors. During the winter Taxi Taxi is a great place to find nice scarves and hats.

Fashion Recycle is the one with the bins out side always having a one-dollar sale. I’ve been able to find a few tops and skirts here. Leopard Lounge has more of the ’70 ‘s and ’80’s stuff and it is great during Halloween!

One more, not show on the photos, is the Salvation Army store on Washington. They have a little bit of everything and always very cheap. The Salvation Army on Gessner I hear has great electronics like laptops, desktops, speakers, TV and more!

A good friend also recommended the East End (Navigation/Harrisburg area) for a great location to find segundas (vintage shops). 

One of my rules when I shop is not spend more than 25 dollars on one item unless I really want it. Also, I love getting items I can use for work with a sports jacket and easily turn into a casual outfit for an after work event.

The beauty of shopping at these shops is getting items you know you cannot get at other stores. Don’t be afraid to play with color especially during spring and summer. The hot neon colors like royal blue, fuschia and oranges are really in right now. Shops always try to have items that are current with new trends and season. Get those colors you do not have in your closet. Let me know if you need anything you like at any of these shops or if you have personal favorites you may recommend! Have fun and do not be afraid to be bold, different and a bit funky!! 

Thank you for reading!!!


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