Coffee Shops I love!

Everyone has a favorite place where we find comfort and balance.

A coffee shop is my place of release and inspiration!

Coffee shops are wonderful and magical places for me, an escape and a way to take care of me. Some days it’s the only place that brings me peace and comfort.  It helps me find balance when things get crazy. For a long time this was the only place where I could write. The inspiration flows right out!

The smell of fresh coffee beans, the sound of the espresso machine, coffee grinder, eclectic art and the music are all-stimulating. The people can also be very interesting.

Here are some of my favorite choices in Houston!

Comfortable and Cozy

Antidote (729 Studewood) is probably one of the coziest places and has become my personal favorite. They have great coffee and tea! You will love the always interesting art and patio with funky tables.

One of my favorite things about these coffee shops (a must for me) is that they all have free wifi. Antidote and Agora have the best connection!

Go on and find your local hiding place, you may be pleasantly surprised at what you may find!

Food, music and ambiance

Some coffee shops like Café Brasil (2606 Dunlavy) my personal favorite for groups, offers great live music. Local musicians show off their music almost every night in the week. My personal favorite it’s an indie folk band that plays on Wednesday nights. They also have great food (great pizza + brunch) and the outside patio is always a draw. Brasil also has movie nights in the back patio with Domy books.


Down the street from Brasil you can find some fun entertainment at Café Agora (1712 Westheimer). On Wednesday nights you can enjoy belly dancing. This is also the loudest!

Smells and sweets

My personal favorite coffee taste and smell can be found at Catalina Coffee (2201Washington ave). Catalina features Amaya Roasting Co. coffee (locally owned) yummy coffee! Fresh pastries are also a must and funky art add to the ambiance.


3 thoughts on “Coffee Shops I love!

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  1. Ahh you left out my favorite, Inversion Coffee on 1953 Montrose Boulevard. Everyday after work I’d ride my bike from the medical center to Inversion and converse with the folks who worked there. They’re wifi wasn’t best but definitely had the best espresso in Houston. I miss that place so so much!

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