When was the last time you… ?


When was the last time you did something crazy that really excited you and gave you an amazing adrenaline rush? Something that made you feel like a crazy teenager… Something that made you feel alive, happy and full of energy.

When was the last time you did something without planning it? A moment when you did it something and didn’t care about the place, time just that moment… that second.

When was the last time you kissed your partner as soon you saw him/her and you wanted to strip him/her naked? Just by feeling their touch, their smell.

When was the last time you actually did this? And you didn’t give a shit about your surroundings and you made love to them as if it was the very first time. Do you remember? When?

when was the last time you proposed something crazy to your partner that reminded you of how it used to be?

Life is not a promise that will last an eternity. These spontaneous moments tend to be the best in the world. These moments are the most exciting. Do not let these moments pass you by without touching, experiencing or taking advantage of every single one of them.

These are the moments that keep life interesting, make relationships last, make us feel young, adventurers, and make us very happy. Some of these moments will have risks that make everything that much more enjoyable and delicious. These are the moments that life gives us to wake us up and remind us we are humans who feel, love and take risks.

I’m not just talking about sex or love but all those moments that make us tick and make our adrenaline rise.

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It could be the day you decide to go searching for zombies with your friends

Maybe when you jump off a plane and skydived with a complete stranger

Or when your friend ran a few miles with you during your first marathon

Singing at the top of your lungs with your 3-year-old niece

The excitement and pride to see your little cousin graduate

The moment when you bonded with your mother in the car

Or when you lay in bed with your grandmother and told her how much you love her

Or that moment when you decide not to care and make passionate love in back of a truck

The moment with your children at home while you watch a movie

When you say just what’s in your mind and decide not to care what others think

It’s that beautiful moment when a group of children surround you, hug you and you realize what true happiness feels like.

It could be any moment, with anyone at any given time! 

These are the kind of moments that keep us alive and remind us how beautiful life really is, how unpredictable, and that there are risks worth taking. Enjoy these moments, take advantage of them, create them, extend them and enjoy them to the fullest as if tomorrow wouldn’t come.

Life is this moment, seconds filled with emotion, craziness, passion, laughter and energy.  This is how life is, surprisingly beautiful, complicated and always interesting if you allow it!


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