The perfect Dance

Her body vibrated in a way she had forgotten.

She was tickled in strange places when he held her by the waist and moved her hips to the rhythm of the music.

He introduced his hands to the small of her back and his fingers felt her soft skin

She trembled.

She felt euphoria when his breath teased her

Her nipples decided to make an appearance and were not ashamed of it

Her thighs began to sweat

Her hands, anxious to touch him in hidden corners

He wanted to feel her closer

Her perfume excited his senses among other things

He imagined touching her breasts

Kissing them

He wanted to explore her perfect body

He provoked her

Kissed her on the corner of her mouth

She trembled again

It was her turn to do the same

She took her hands on a trip in between his legs

She felt his excitement

They held each other tight as they danced

They felt the mountains of their bodies

They both wanted to climb to the highest Peak

They trembled

It was the perfect dance

Two bodies, one rhythm

Perfect chemistry

Passion jumping out of their pores

They forgot about the world

Lost themselves in each other

And while they danced made love for the first time


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