Celebrating everyone else except him

Father’s Day is not a holiday I’ve ever celebrated.  My father has never been a part of my life. It was his choice not to be. I do celebrate my mother because she has been mother and father for my brother Carlos and I.

There are so many women who have to play both roles for their children. They do everything they can to be there, to comfort, to care and to survive. There’s women who have lost their husbands in war,women who were assaulted and decided to have their baby, women who were young when they conceived, women who decided to carry on without their partner, women who didn’t give up just because a man wasn’t by their side.

I admire good fathers. I admire men who are part of their children’s life regardless of circumstances. I admire their manhood, responsibility and love for their children. I’m thankful I have been able to see some of those role models in my life. 

My only hope is that my child has that role model. I hope that my child is able to experience something I never experience. I hope my child is able to feel that fatherly love I never felt. I hope my child is able to call someone Dad.

Today I do not celebrate my father because he doesn’t deserve it. I do celebrate my brother’s for being a part of their children’s life. I celebrate the father’s that have touched my life. And I celebrate my mother, grandmother, aunts and all those other women who have been both Mother and Father for their children. 


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