Life has a sneaky way of doing things. It can surprise you; bring you to unexpected places at unexpected times.

Life forces you to make tough decisions that have the power to change the course completely.

Life will shake you to the core, terrify you, confuse the shit out of you and make you wonder why.

We can go crazy trying to figure out why things happen the way they happen.

The answers may not come to us when we want them, but may when we are ready to truly understand.

It can challenge us. It makes us vulnerable. It makes us want to run far away from the new reality we may not be ready to accept.

Sometimes we wake up and hope it was all a dream. We wish everything were the way it used to be- less complicated and emotional.

And there are times that change is just what we need and complicated is not that complicated after all.

We have to remember there is always a way out of the madness and it is up to us to decide which way that is.

And there will always be a reason why things happen exactly the way they happen.


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