Smiles that will make you smile

I was looking through my photos today and caught myself smiling. I’ve taken more than 600 photos in the last 3 days and kids are smiling in almost all of them.  They look so happy. It is contagious and it forces a smile out of you.

I forgot about what I was worrying about the minute I started flipping through their smiling faces. They smile all the time. They run around happy, and care free. Most of these kids have no TV, no high tech video games, no phones, no computers, no internet, no allowance they can count on to buy toys or candy. Their happiness is the kind we should all experience everyday. They laugh so loud when you ask them to simply smile. Most say things like, “thank you so much,” “good morning,” and “good afternoon.” These kids play with plastic bottles, climb trees, play sports outside, walk miles to get to school, have no air conditioner or running water and most live in shacks with just the basics.

The kids welcome us with a sign of respect by putting their hands together and vowing their heads.  Those that feel most comfortable run toward us and give hugs. They are very loving and always willing to help. They love talking and asking tons of questions about our world. They imagine it so different and wonderful. They do not realize our world can be chaotic and is not always so wonderful.

Happiness is not in the material things we have or don’t have. I believe happiness is within what surrounds us; it is with those who make us feel like we belong, the smiles that make us feel warm and moments unlike any others.

We should be able to laugh out loud for no good reason like those kids do every single day. We should get out of our comfort zone, climb a different tree, take a different route, don’t sweat the small things, allow smiles in our lives, love and be loved. Life always has its way of working out. It always does.

Here are few more smiles!

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