Sometimes we just have to learn how to adapt

Change can be a bitch sometimes especially if it’s a change you didn’t see coming. The last 5 months have been quite interesting for me and will continue to be this way for a very long time. Life always has a way of reminding us “according to plan” will not always be the rule. You have no option but to adapt and learn how to survive with those changes. These changes can surprise you but have the potential to bring you so much joy and happiness. I’ve adapted and I couldn’t be happier. Rebelling against it can be a waist of time and you begin to miss out the good stuff. Learn how to let go and learn how to adapt.

Be on the look out for a special letter being published on La Voz this week that clarifies what I’m talking about. I will post the English version here on Friday.

If there’s major changes going on in your life that are beyond your control stop trying to fight it, learn how to adapt, embrace them and find the goodness in them. I promise there will always be goodness.


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