Letters to my Baby: I begin by introducing myself, I am your future Mother


My dear love,  

First of all, I want to thank you for everything you are making me feel. It is incredible what a person so small can revolutionize in a woman’s body.

Secondly, I want you to know a bit about the woman writing this letter. My name is Frida, your mommy. I will be honest, I have a strong character, and I’m stubborn and at times a bit crazy. I’m a very active and adventurous woman, so get ready for a very active life! I’m passionate about social causes and firmly believe in feminism. Feminism to me doesn’t mean I believe women are better than men but I believe in equality and mutual respect.

I want to apologize for my state of shock and disconnect when I first found out about your existence. You were a big surprise for someone that is used to having things in order. No one had ever left me defenseless like you did. I needed time to process all my emotions.

It was a bit hard to grasp the idea that my body was no longer just mine and that at least for the next 9 months I would have to share it with you. Now I realize my body is more yours than mine. I had to adapt and understand I will not always be in control.

It seems you are stubborn and determined to get what you want. You were determined to revolutionize my life, conquered me and make me fall in love with you. I didn’t know how to put up a fight and you won. Everything changed the day I heard your heart beating. It was then I realized how charming you really are and you were not going to give up until you got the attention you rightly deserved.

You charmed me with your thumb-sucking abilities, your movements at 4 and half months, and that little heart of yours I feel every time I play music. You did it! Now, I’m deeply in love with you. Understand a mother’s love for a child has never been so clear and simple as now.

My love, I ask you for patience. I’m a first timer and I know I have a lot to learn. You have to know that everything will not always be perfect and I will make mistakes along the way but never doubt how much I love you.  My life goal is to be the best mother you can have and I’m determined to do all that I can to achieve this. It excites me to imagine moments we will share and adventures we can experience. I also think about moments filled with tears, long and difficult nights. Just know that these are also part of life and make us stronger.

I welcome you with open arms and a wide-open heart. You are with out a doubt the love my life had been waiting for.


Your mother. 


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