Traveling while pregnant + Cali photos!

Every year I like to take a trip on my own to getaway from the daily routine. Under normal circumstances I love traveling to new cities but this time I wanted to visit two good friends I do not get to see often. Liz and Carlitos are very dear to me and I wanted to... Continue Reading →


To be thankful

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year for two reasons: the food and the act of simply giving thanks. It is simple, and for the most part should not be complicated unless you are in charge of all the cooking. It is a reminder of the good things we should be thankful for but... Continue Reading →

Carta en Español My Dear Gael, Yesterday we had your first party in your honor and it was a great success thanks to your wonderful tías you will soon meet. This group of women is pretty amazing and already have you quite spoiled. I am so lucky to be surrounded by strong, independent, intelligent and... Continue Reading →

Cartas a mi Bebe: Tu primera fiesta con tus tias

English Letter Mi Querido Gael, Ayer tuvimos la primera fiesta en tu honor y fue todo un éxito gracias al montón de Tías que pronto conocerás. Este grupo de mujeres maravillosas ya te tienen muy pero muy mimado. Tengo la suerte de tener grandes ejemplos de mujeres fuertes, independientes, inteligentes y sumamente amorosas así que... Continue Reading →

Te he soñado

Te he soñado chiquito Piel canela Ojos oscuros Pelo café Labios grandes como los míos Piernitas flacas… largas como las de tu padre   Te he soñado Con una piel suavecita Con unas manitos calidas Con un aliento profundo Con una mirada penetrante Con un aire refrescante   Te he soñado Travieso Inquieto Preguntón Curioso... Continue Reading →

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