The things I hear while pregnant!

It is always interesting to hear what will come out of people’s mouth when they see my belly. For the most part, I just laugh about it but there are other times when I just wonder about people’s logic behind their comments or questions.

My suggestion if you know anyone that is pregnant, think before you speak because you never know what kind of day she may be having. You don’t know her situation. You have no idea how easy or how hard the change has been for her. You do not know her story, her ups or downs, her comfort or discomfort, her pains, her fears, her boundaries… You just never know!

Here are few things I’ve heard while pregnant. This should give you a good giggle  or two! 


I didn’t know you were married.”

“Oh, so who is the father?”

 “oh hey, is the father involved?”

 “I didn’t you know you were dating anyone.”

 “so, are you and the father moving in?”

“show me a picture of the baby daddy.”

“do i know him?”

 “oh that must be though.”

“how are you going to do it alone?”

“I didn’t think you wanted kids.”

 “how are you going to do it?”

“you are REALLY showing now.”

“Wow, you are looking more and more pregnant.”

“oh look at you, you ARE pregnant!”

“by the looks of it, you are having a girl.”

“are you nervous about having a boy?”

“what did you really want? (boy or girl)

“you know you are going to be more than 150 pounds, right?”

“oh you look different.”

“can I touch your boobs?”

“Wow, you boobs are really getting big.”

“don’t you wish you could keep those (referencing the boobs)?

 “let me tell you about my labor pains.”

“You still work out?”

“is Alejandro the father?”

“You know you are going to need a two bedroom apartment now.”

 “Please sit in the front seat.”

“Can you fit back there?”

“Are you sure you can carry that bag?”

“Here, eat more.”

“You have to eat for two now.”


6 thoughts on “The things I hear while pregnant!

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  1. Hilarious, although I must confess I am guilty of saying half of the above to pregnant friends… By the way, congrats Frida! I know you are going to be an amazing mother just like the amazing human being that you are.

  2. Trust me. I feel you. My favorite with both my pregnancies was “Are you sure you are not having twins?”…like really! And, thanks for calling me extra fat! ha. Ahi. Some people. I think you look amazing!!!! Being pregnant is an amazing experience, no matter what anyone says, suggests or recommends! Ha. Felicidades!

  3. hahaha! i laughed a lot with this one, cuz my sister is always complaining about the comments and questions people make when you are pregnant.

    It reminded me of the last post i wrote, it’s basically the same but comments and questions people make to single people like me:

    It’s in spanish.

    PS: i love ur blog, the letters to you baby are awesome, i encouraged my sister to do the same, so she’s keeping a diary to give to her baby when she’s 18

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