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My Dear Gael,

Yesterday we had your first party in your honor and it was a great success thanks to your wonderful tías you will soon meet. This group of women is pretty amazing and already have you quite spoiled. I am so lucky to be surrounded by strong, independent, intelligent and extremely loving women. You are going to have to get used to being around by wonder women.

I remember your father once told me I wasn’t “normal” and I believe he even said I was like from another planet. I think he said that because I like doing things differently and at times I rather go for the non-traditional. He will never admit it but I know this is one of the reasons he liked your mommy.

I say this because your baby shower was out of the norm.  The theme was “Day of the Dead,” which to me it means a celebration of life. I suspect the idea was a bit dark and morbid to some but it seemed appropriate to celebrate this belly full of life and love.

The decorations were all very colorful and festive; the food had touch of Salvadorian, Mexican and American just like you and the creativity of your aunts was a must have.

There no traditional baby showers games- your Mommy hates those and after taking a poll at the party it seemed everyone else feels the same way. These along with taking care of some of decorations myself were my conditions to having the brunch/shower. The only activity we had was your tías decorating some of your clothes and as expected the result was awesome creativity and humorous messages.

Gael, seeing how much love your tías already have for you made me realize that will always be surrounded by love and keep in mind your normal doesn’t have to be like everyone else’s. Normal is what you feel not what others or society may impose. Your normal is what makes you vibrate and passionate. Your normal is what defines you, what fulfills your being and above all what truly makes you happy. My normal my love is you and you have no idea how happy this makes me feel.

With love,

Your “out of the norm” Mommy

P.S. oh this is only your first party. Get ready because your abuela Dora is also getting one ready for ‘ya! 


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