To be thankful

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year for two reasons: the food and the act of simply giving thanks.

It is simple, and for the most part should not be complicated unless you are in charge of all the cooking. It is a reminder of the good things we should be thankful for but it is also a realization of how blessed we really are.  Most of the other holidays have the pressure of gift giving and that can become a bit of a stress for some.

Giving thanks for all the positives in our lives is a must but I also believe in giving thanks for those things that didn’t quite go according to plan. I think it is important to recognize the negatives we experience can make us better and stronger.  The struggles and challenges can teach great lessons and help us see life differently.

This year has been unexpectedly shocking for me. I have felt broken so many times but I’ve also realized that I’m much stronger than I imagined. I fell in love twice. Once with someone I refused for a long time, and now with the life inside me. Both came to my life unexpectedly but I have to be thankful for every moment. Life only gives us what we can handle and this has definitely been a test for me.

The joy I feel when I think of my little Gael is like no other and I cannot wait to finally have him in my arms. It was a painful roller coaster at first but now I couldn’t imagine my life without this feeling. 

Today I am thankful for that roller coaster and the struggle it was at the beginning because it has given me a different kind of strength. This process has also made me more appreciative and more proud to be a woman. I also have so much more respect for the women in my life and their struggles as mothers. I’m thankful my mother, and grandmother. I’m thankful for the wonderful friends who make a difference in my life. I’m thankful for survivors.

Today I am reminded that there will always be someone else in this world going through a much harder struggle fighting to survive and not giving up.

Today I’m just thankful to be where I am and to feel my baby kick every single day.

And thank you so very much for reading my thoughts.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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