Traveling while pregnant + Cali photos!

Every year I like to take a trip on my own to getaway from the daily routine. Under normal circumstances I love traveling to new cities but this time I wanted to visit two good friends I do not get to see often. Liz and Carlitos are very dear to me and I wanted to see them before Gael’s arrival. I flew into LA to visit Liz then flew to San Francisco to see Carlitos. I love California! There’s so much to see and explore.

I knew traveling with a belly of nearly 8 months would make the experience different but I didn’t anticipate how much. I’m so used to just getting up and walking everywhere but this time walking just made things a bit of a struggle. I hate it. I keep telling myself to keep going but my body says otherwise. And then it hits me I’m not only carrying a baby inside my belly but my body is working twice as hard. There are so many things that have become an effort and it gets to be a little frustrating for someone who is not used to sitting still. Getting out of a freaking car for god sake took some effort, tossing and turning in bed takes some maneuvering and walking becomes a bit scary when your belly begins to harden. Now, I realize those were actually Braxton hicks contractions, ooops! I will never understand how women do it more than once or twice. I’m looking forward to Gael’s arrival but also waiting to give my body the bit of normalcy it desperately needs.

I am glad I took this trip and much-needed time away from work though. It has been refreshing to getaway and not worry about anything but having to walk. Traveling always gives me much-needed perspective on things that may not be going my way. It is also my time to look back at the year and think about everything that happened. It has been quite the year!!  It is also great to catch up with friends I do not see often. Both Liz and Carlitos were very sweet and accommodating. The food is always amazing in Cali, the weather was perfect, and the sites are never boring. 

This trip is also a realization of how much things will change next year once Gael arrives. It is a bit scary but also exciting to think about all the great things we can do together. I think of all the trips I want to take him on and all the things I would like for him to explore. I do not want him to grow up in a box limited to his surroundings. I want him to experience life and have a bit of an adventurous spirit like his Mami.  I can already see myself traveling to Europe with a curious Gael beside me or hiking up a mountain somewhere in central America or jumping off a plane with him once he is old enough. Life will change and become a new adventure with him by my side.

Here are a few photos from the trip. If you like nature be sure to visit Muir Woods in San Francisco. It’s a great disconnect and relaxing—you’ll love it even more if you love taking pictures. I’ve also included some of the photos from the belly shoot Carlitos did for me. It was my first time taking photos in a studio and it was so much fun. The end result was lovely. 


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  1. I love your post! It’s true about your body…and life…once a baby {or two} come along everything changes..but yes…the possibilities are endless and the love is amazing!!!! 🙂 I wish you well in everything that follows!!! I LOVE YOUR MATERNITY PICTURES!!! SO DARN CUTE. AND BEAUTIFUL!!! Gael has a beautiful Momma 🙂

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