My little cafe is now 2!

248285_10150204477708008_3046147_nI realized this weekend that I missed my little café’s second birthday! Oh how time flies! I remember launching my blog during my December getaway back in 2010. I remember seating in a coffee shop in Washington DC when I published my first post. I was so excited people actually took time to check out that first post. Two years later this has become more than I could have ever expected.  I’m always surprised to hear people say, “Oh, I read your blog.” Just this weekend my aunt said one of her friend’s who I’ve never met cried after reading one of my letters. I never thought my posts would have that effect. More people than I could have ever imagined visit this space and the feedback from some of my posts have been touching.  I want you know that what you read here comes from hidden corners of my heart. My crazy heart and soul are the drivers of this space. I write about what makes me tick. I write about what makes me passionate, inspires me, excites or motivates. I write about what makes me, happy, sad, or angry. I write about people. People who make feel, teach and inspire me.  I write about that strange thing call love, its complications, fulfillments, and mysteries. I write about the men who I’ve loved, men who have loved me or caused pain. I write about life.

I look back at some of my olds posts and become a bit embarrassed at some of the crazy things I’ve written here but realize it is all part of my personal journey.  It is part of a moment in time. I see how much I have grown since the launch of this blog and how my life has changed since that first post. There is no room for regrets!

All I can say is thank you allowing me to share with you all this journey, my thoughts, moments and experiences.

Thank you for taking the time to read, process and sharing them with others.

Thank you your messages, feedback and sharing your stories.

Thank you for wishing my little Gael and I well.

I hope you continue to share this space with me and very soon with my little Gael. I wish you and your loved ones the very best during the New Year. May your life be surrounded by greatness, love and light.

I’m grateful for your time here.

Muchas Gracias

Frida V-

P.S. I’m curious, which post stands out the most to you? 


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