This is what happiness feels like

Happiness should never depend on someone but it sure feels nice when someone says, “you make me happy.”

Happiness can come in different shapes and forms. It can come on a day when you have a fantastic day at work.

Happiness can show up when you are completely disconnected and content when silence.

Happiness could mean watching your child laugh like crazy at something you did.

It can sneak up when you least expected. It can grab you, shake you and remind you how wonderful the feeling really is.


Happiness can sit by your side without you even realizing.

Happiness can bring to light everything you have been longing for.

Happiness can make you appreciate all the moment’s life brings you.

Happiness has the power to lifts you up like unlike nothing else.

Happiness fills the voids and all your empty corners.

Happiness is a natural high you can get addicted to.

Happiness may feel strange and even scary at first but once you get over it is quite amazing


Happiness makes you smile during random moments

Happiness makes you stop and makes you feel

Happiness happens when your heart allows it

Happiness happens when the unexpected takes over

Happiness knows no limits, no boundaries, and no fear


Happiness can be any moment in your life

Any 5 minutes when you allowed yourself to feel it, touch it, smell it

Happiness can be sitting in a room surrounded by friends

Happines is when you neice kisses and hugs you

Happiness can look like the silence in your bedroom right after you take a bath

Happiness can be a soft kiss on your forehead

Happiness can be ice cream

Happiness can be dancing the night away

Happiness can be accomplishing something impossible

Happiness can be simply lying in bed with your loved one

Happiness can be making love to someone you adore

Happiness can be listening to someone say, “I miss you.”

Happiness is feeling someone loves you by simply looking into his or her eyes


Happiness will embrace you, caress you and surprise you

 Happiness doesn’t have a timeframe or a deadline

It could last a lifetime or just a few seconds

Happiness it’s what you make of it

What you want it to be

It feels nice

gives you hope

It is Moments in life you must learn to how recognize, appreciate and live as if they were the last.

Happiness can be found within you

It is with those you love

It is with the things you love to do

It is with what makes you passionate

With what makes you tick

What makes you just live


And love 

Be happy and enjoy every single moment!


4 thoughts on “This is what happiness feels like

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  1. So many people spend so much time focusing on the “I needs” — I need X to be happy. If only I had Y I would be happy. We can lose sight of the fact that happiness shows up in small things and big things, and unexpectedly. Very often we’re looking for it so hard that we miss it altogether.

      1. True, happiness is a concept so perfect that can be captured in the simple smile of a child breaking soap bubbles.
        I had a wonderful time here. I was happy here without soap. Thanks Frida. Another great post.

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