Courage and strength

Archive from Aug. 26th, 2012

do you ever have those days when only crying will make you feel better? Days when you question everything around you, the timing and purpose? Days when you wish things were just a little different and wish you could be just a little stronger?

Those are the days that end up making us stronger, wiser and more human. In the moment, we may not have all the answers but some how we seem to survive it all. Later, we realize we are not as weak as we thought we were. We realize we have more courage than we thought we were capable of and rise again.

Courage and strength is not built during happy times. Courage is tested in the worst of times. Those times when we are completely lost and overwhelmed. Times when we want to just run away and make everything be okay. Courage is when we realize how strong we really are and we over come what life decided to bring us. Courage is when we are empowered and we rise to be the best we can be in the worst of situations.

I’m learning to understand this myself. So if you have those days when everything is going down to the shits don’t get desperate and believe in your gut you will make everything be okay. It may take a little work for you to get there but  eventually you will get there. Learn how to let go of all that brings you down and continues to undermine you. Learn that in life there are some things that are borrowed and temporary. Things or people that come into your life for a reason, serve their purpose and then leave. Learn that darkness doesn’t have to last forever and it is up to you how long you sit in it. Learn that you can be strong and courageous even when you feel broken. Be patient and be compassionate with yourself.


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