Meet Gael: The greatest love of all!

“One day that boy will be your reason for living. It is the greatest love of all.”

My good friend Camile could not have been more right—my little boy is the greatest love I have ever felt and I am so thankful to finally have him in my arms. He is perfect, beautiful and the greatest happiness my heart has ever felt.  

My little Gael was born Tuesday January 29th at 10:47am. He was 7 pounds 15 ounces, just one ounce shy away from 8!!

I feel so relieved he is here and healthy. I was so scared and stressed out the night before he was born I drove myself to the hospital and refused any company. I needed time alone to process. I knew he would come the next day and needed to get my mind together for what was coming. Thankfully all went well. He was delivered via c-section because of his size; my size and the kid just didn’t like meds!

He is a healthy, handsome and charming boy! I’m completely in love with him and cannot take my eyes off him. He revolutionized my life 9 months ago and continues to do so. Yes, he cries and doesn’t let me sleep but it’s okay. Picking him up, seeing his eyes move every time I call his name and feeling his little hands on me make the universe perfectly okay.

Here’s where it gets interesting!! Here are a few photos from his first few days in this world



4 thoughts on “Meet Gael: The greatest love of all!

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  1. Wow Frida! I’ve been away from Facebook for almost two months so I had no idea! Amazing, congrats! He is sooo adorable. You were an amazing mentor, so no doubt you will be an incredible mom. So happy for you. Many blessings to you and Gael 🙂

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