Month 1 with Gael: in a different country learning a new language

It has been a month since I met the lil guy that would change everything in my life! It is truly amazing how such a small being could revolutionize everything I’ve ever known. I’m in a new country learning a different language!

Life changed quite a bit during pregnancy but not quite as much as when Gael finally arrived. Things have really changed since! He has become my all and makes me feel emotions I’ve never felt before. It seems unreal to think back at the morning when he was born. I remember being so cold when I was on the surgery table. I was surrounded by strangers and about to be cut open. I admit I was nervous. This was my first time in hospital as a patient- first major surgery. I felt so relieved when I heard his first cry and asked the doctors if he was okay. He was and is perfect.

Gael is perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing. I wouldn’t change the circumstances either because everything, good or bad, led me to him, and his beautiful presence. I cannot say it has been an easy transition from the life I used to know but I’m learning how to adjust to all the changes. I’m so thankful for an amazing mother who took care of us for the first two weeks. It all became a reality when I brought him home with me. It was just him and I. I was scared. Sometimes it feels as if I’m learning a new language all over again. I remember when I first came to this country I felt lost and overwhelmed by everything around me. It was so scary to be in a different country and learning a different culture. Gael is my foreign language, new country and culture. Although it is scary it is also fascinating. I’m learn something new every single day and I’m smitten by everything about him (well, maybe not all the poops).

My friends used say, “You will forget the pain after you see and hold him.” I’m not sure if I can forget it but it definitely makes it soo much better and well worth it. Everything seems okay when he looks into my eyes and all I can do is smile. I like to think he I recognizes me when I talk to him, hold him or simply look at him.

He is my son, I am his mother and together we will be a team for a long while. I will forever be grateful for the miracle of life I’ve been able to experience and I’m looking forward to learning as much as I can about this new language and country. I may never speak it fluently or perfectly but will try my best. I know I won’t be the perfect mother but I know I can be a good enough mother for him.

I’m grateful to everyone who came to visit, called me, texted me, facebook me, tweeted, or instagramed. You made Gael and me feel loved! Here are some photos of my favorite moments this first month.


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